Work > Kent Campus, Florida State College of Jacksonville

wood sculpture with paint and acrylic spheres
Abominable Angels/Arc Bacteriophage
wood and paint and glue and bamboo shish kabob skewers.

This piece is part of a series involving a similar process. The process involved in making these works is closely tied by their intent. That intent is to become a vector of an immersive state of empowered play. The process starts by investigating figurative abstractions improvisationally on a single panel of wood. Using a scroll saw, the forms are then extracted to emphasize contour and segmented into units according to directly observed or speculated biological or mechanical purpose and utility. The segments are then re-joined and articulated to imply movement. If I am successful the resulting objects encourage interaction. By encasing the potentially interactive forms in the acrylic spheres I have frustrated the viewer. I have taken material forms and pushed them back into the realm of the imagination, crystal clear thought bubbles.