Russell Maycumber
I am attracted to the simplicity of drawing and have come to enjoy traditional materials such as ink and paper for those same efficient qualities. The accommodations I make work in have dictated this simplicity to some degree and though the studio spaces have been limited the economy they confer on the work has become integral. Drawing to me has always been about space. Even though drawing is primarily a two dimensional exercise the surface I draw on is important. The drawing as an object, it's physicality and how it occupies space three dimensionally presents an interesting paradox to me. Sometimes the drawings are done with a band saw and a sander and look more like traditional sculpture, but I still consider them extension of the act of drawing. I have learn to address certain aspects of this duality through installation and am learning to push the drawings further in considering facets of place. I have been building on a body of drawings and wood sculptures going on 7 years now. Questioning my work has always been apart of the process but the questions have gotten bigger and the directions foggier. The feeling this gives me is somewhere between dull postpartum and clarity of anticipation. There is a saying that pain is weakness leaving the body. I think in the same sense uncertainty is the dissolution of pride. I have noticed hesitation in the initiation of marks but the weight of the lines more convicted. The air is thinner but the view is amazing.