Russell Maycumber

Born in Jacksonville Florida I travelled extensively as a kid with my father’s work. England, the Virgin Islands, New Orleans, Tampa, Miami, Los Angeles. I continued the momentum until I had a child of my own and decided to establish roots where I had begun, here in Florida, St. Augustine to be precise. St. Augustine has a very strong identification with colonial activities in the “New” lands. I think it is this living immersed in an ecology built around these first encounters between strangers that has informed my latest research. My work involves drawing and sculptural objects that are architectural and figural. The drawings are ink and brush on paper . The sculptural elements are found objects and wood. With these elements I have attempted to detail the monsters of my own explorations. I have decided to seek the grotesque in the familiar, the beast in the banal and give them form through objects and stories. I am working with an ongoing interest in the grotesque, which manifests itself in my work as creatures or abstractions of human, animal, architectural and mechanical elements. The research has lead me to a connection between the ideas of the grotesque and the act of exploration, similar to the depictions of sea monsters on old maps of sailing expeditions or the grimoires of monks mad with solitude and asceticism. The histories of the modern human psyche are littered with these abominations. Whether the journey is in the flesh or purely of the mind we find monsters shadowing our every endeavor.